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CANFace CF1 "Babel" CAN-USB/UART Adapter

Qty Price Discount 1 €99.00 ea 0% 50 €94.05 ea 5% 100 €89.10 ea 10%   CANFace CF1 "Babel" is an advanced USB-CAN and...
Interface Adapters


CANFace CF1 "Babel" is an advanced USB-CAN and UART-CAN adapter that can be used as a standalone device or as an embeddable module for...
Interface Adapters

CANFace CF2 "Babel-Babel" — all-in-one debugger for robotics & drone development

CANFace CF2 "Babel-Babel" consists of three devices that are assembled on a single PCB: 2x Babel USB-CAN adapters and a Dronecode probe (a generic JTAG/SWD + UART console adapter)....
Interface Adapters
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BugFace BF1 v2.3 JTAG/SWD adapter + USB-UART adapter with DCD-M cable

The BugFace BF1 "Dronecode Probe" is a generic JTAG/SWD + UART console adapter compatible with most ARM Cortex-based designs and in particular with hardware...
Interface Adapters

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